The Vacation Project

The goals of this project are to communicate, collaborate, and create!
1. Communicate by using the language skills you have acquired through Spanish I and II, as well as what you have learned this year. Explain a vacation, real or imaginary, that another student took and later see how accurate your ideas were.
2. Collaborate by sending 5-8 photos to your partner that best depict your vacation.
3. Create a project that shows all the exciting things your partner did, where s/he went, and other details of the trip.

The process to complete the task:
1. Sign up for a group with your teacher.
2. Begin communicating with your partner(s) via the discussion button above, using the group number assigned to you. Introduce yourself, the school you are from and your school-issued email.
3. Send travel pictures to your partner(s).
4. Write a past-tense description of your partner's vacation based on the pictures that were sent to you. For groups of 3, be sure to communicate about who will document which trip. Only one trip per student will be described.
5. Use the pictures sent to you and record your voice using a video describing the vacation and upload to the YouTube and post the link on the discussion tab.
6. Post your mp4 movie to Youtube and post link on the discussion.

The minimum project requirements include:
- regular communication with your partner(s) via the discussion tab above
- 5-8 photos--email to your partner.
- 15 different verbs
- 50 words
- all Spanish, no English, with your best grammar and pronunciation
- mp4 video (ie quicktime)
- meet all deadlines
- Have fun and be creative!

Deadlines for completing this project:
These are the latest dates you should have these tasks completed. You may complete them before the deadline!
Tues, September 13: sign up for a group
Fri, September 16: Communicate with your group in the discussion tab above by introducing yourself and sending 5-8 photos.
Mon, September 19: send partner(s) pictures
Mon, Sept 26: Upload your Quicktime video to the blog using the username/password from your teacher.

Grupo 9