The Vacation Project Part 2

This is a continuation of the last quarter's project. You may want to review what your partner's trip was like based on the photos you sent him/her. You will be creating a comparative movie for this project, explain more, less, and as much as. How close was your trip to the one described by your partner?

The goals of this project are to communicate, collaborate, and create!
1. Communicate by using the language skills you have acquired through Spanish I and II, as well as what you have learned this year. Explain your own vacation, real or imaginary, that another student described for you and see how accurate his/her ideas were. This should be a comparative movie between your real vacation and the vacation that someone else described about the pictures you sent.
2. Collaborate by your partner your vacation, posted to the blog.
3. Create a project that shows all the exciting things you did, where you went, and other details of the trip. Compare your real trip to the trip that your partner thinks you took based on the pictures you sent.

The process to complete the task:
1. Search for your project on the blog from the left and watch the movie your partner created based on your photos that you sent.
2. Create a movie about the actual trip you took, comparatively noting the similarities and differences. Be sure to use the pictures you sent to your partner and record your voice using a video or Quicktime slidehow to describe the vacation.
3. Post your movie to the blog (see link to the left).

The minimum project requirements include:
- 5-8 photos- the same ones you emailed to your partner.
- 15 different verbs
- 50 words
- all Spanish, no English, with your best grammar and pronunciation
- past tense, comparisons, superlatives
- Quicktime video
- meet all deadlines
- Have fun and be creative!

Deadlines for completing this project:
These are the latest dates you should have these tasks completed. You may complete them before the deadline!
Wed, October 26: review the trip your partner created based on the photos you sent
Mon, October 31: write a description for your trip and begin creating.
Fri, November 4: Upload your video to Youtube and post link on the discussion.