Los Actores Quarter 4 project

¿Conoces a algunos actores y actrices que hablen español? ¿Quiénes son? ¿De dónde son? ¿Puedes pensar en algunos actores y actrices latinos que son de los Estados Unidos? ¿Sabes cuál es su origen nacional? ¿En qué películas y programas de televisión actúan? ¿Sabes si son bilingües o si solamente hablan inglés? Hay muchos actores y actrices de origen latino que actúan en películas y programas de televisión en los Estados Unidos—en algunos casos, no son conocidos como actores hispanos, solamente como actores estadounidenses.

Tu grupo va a investigar a dos actores y a dos actrices latinos de los Estados Unidos. Todos aparecen normalmente en programas de televisión, pero también actuaron en varias películas recientes.

The goals of this project are to communicate, collaborate, and create!
1. Communicate by using the language skills interview an actor or actress that you have researched.
2. Collaborate by posing 10 questions for the actor or actress to explain his/her life, and help to edit the grammar. Then, using iChat, record an interview with that "actor" [ie YOU dressed up as him/her, and in role] and post to youtube.
3. Create a project that includes all four interviews.

The process to complete the task:
STEP 1 – DUE Thursday April 19 Questions
1. Find your group and identify times that you are available to collaborate for the interview process. Be sure to list your class time as well!(the hours you have class). Share your ICHAT username for the interview process.
2. Go to this webquest to get the detailed information and additional resources. Under "process" you will find the list of actors and actresses as well as sample question starters. Choose an actor or actress to investigate. There should not be any duplicates so be sure to post your preference to the wiki - first comment, first awarded.
3. Create a minimum of 10 questions as a team that you would ask the actor that ask about their life, NOT yes/no questions. These should be in Spanish and grammatically correct so be sure to help each other correct the questions. Each student is responsible for a minimum of 4 questions. (this means most groups will have at least 12 questions). Post the questions to the wiki group.
STEP 2 - DUE Wednesday, April 25 Research
Research chosen actor/actress to be prepared to answer the questions – The researcher becomes that actor when interviewed, must be dressed as actor, take on the role of that person, etc. Communicate you have completed this process so that you can get together and do the interview.
STEP 3 – DUE Wednesday, May 2 Videotaping youtube link posted
Videotape (Quicktime Player screencasting) each interview. You will have to coordinate a time that both the interviewer and the interviewee can get together. Post interview to youtube and paste the URL to the wiki discussion for your group. Remember anything that is on the screen will be captured in the video! VM cannot record so NF & SH are responsible for recording.
The whole team does not need to be on the screen through i-chat, but rather 2 students need to arrange time that they can interview each other. It is possible for the whole group to be interviewed at once, or have 2 seperate interviews for the team. One acting as interviewer and one acting as interviewee. Two students may not pair together from the group to do the interview from the SAME SCHOOL!!! If you are a group of 3 and there are 2 students from the same school you will either want to do two different interviews or have all 3 interviewed at the same time.(problem solve).
STEP 4 – DUE Monday, May 7 Final Product
VM will retrieve the youtube URL from the wiki, download the video using keepvid.com and will edit all interview videos (there could be 4 videos depending on how your team was able to get together--most groups will have 1-2 videos) into one imovie using the youtube links posted on the wiki. They will then embed the final youtube video to the wiki.

The minimum project requirements include the following. Remember these are only the minimums; you are encouraged to go above and beyond these.
- communication with your partner(s) via the discussion tab above
- 10 interview questions as a group, at least 4 from each person
-Group/Peer editting of the questions verifying they are written correctly in Spanish
- Accurate research for the questions
-Students become the character with costume.
-Coordinating a short amount of time to do the interview on video i-chat. (You will need approximately a minimum of 10 minutes if you are focused)
-Interview including a minimum of 2 students from 2 different schools interviewing through video i-chat
- all Spanish, no English, with your best grammar and pronunciation
- Quicktime video uploaded to youtube
- meet all deadlines
- Have fun and be creative!

Deadlines for completing this project:
These are the latest dates you should have these tasks completed. You may complete them before the deadline!
Thursday April 19: sign up for a group and post questions
Wednesday April 26: Research completed.
Wednesday May 2: Videotaping interview and posted to youtube with link on wiki
Monday May 7: Final product completed!

Final Videos:

Group 2

Group 3:

Group 4

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